DLC - New Adventures


The last DLC for Port Royale 3 includes five new scenarios.

Content of the Port Royale 3 Collectors Edition


A list with the special content of the Port Royale 3 Collectors Edition.

DLC - Dawn of Pirates


The second Port Royale 3 DLC is named "Dawn of Pirates" and comes with an additional single-player campaign where you have to play a pirate.

Comparison Port Royale 2 vs. Port Royale 3


When successorof a game is released after 10 years, it is worth a comparison.

DLC - Harbour Master


The first DLC for Port Royale 3 includes town enhancements.

Content/ Feature of Port Royale 3


Compared to Port Royale 2, Port Royale 3 will ofer some improvements.

Download Manual


In case you would like to a look at the game feature before you buy it, simply download the game manual.

Release Dates


Port Royale 3 will be released on different dates.

Interactive Map


An interactive map with all information from Port Royale 3: goods, towns, ships... and many more.

Copy Protection


What kind of copy protection is Port Royale 3 using?

Patch Overview


An overview with all patch changes in Port Royale 3 - changelog:

System Requirements


What are the Port Royale 3 system requirements?