Offered ships in your own towns


What kind of ships are offered in your own town?

Higher reputation with building licence


With patch 1.2 Port Royale 3 experienced some changes regarding the reputation.

Pirates are useful


Like in Port Royale 2 pirates it can be very useful to have pirates in the caribbean.

Manual sea battle - Boarding


A lot of players have problems with boarding other ships during sea battles - the own ship is too fast.

Automatic sea battles - new ships


Up to patch 1.2 the automatic sea battles in Port Royale 3 offered a nice advantage compared to manuell sea battles.

Attack towns without sabers


A little hint to minimize your sailor losses during town attack.

Increase resolution


The maximum resolution for Port Royale 3 can be set to 1920 x 1200. But if required you can even go higher.

Farben dies Zielrings


Der Spieler erhält während Seeschlachten ein wenig Unterstützung beim Feuern in Form des Zielrings. 

Set autosave rhythm


You can not edit the autosave rhythm in the Port Royale 3 options menu.

Hold required for rank promotion


For a higher rank in Port Royale 3 you have to fulfil different requirements - amongst others you have to increase your hold.

Where is the construction material for buildings coming from


In Port Royale 2 you were used to supply your warehouse with the required construction materials - this has changed in Port Royale 3.

More ammunition for sea battles


The amount of special ammunition, chain-shots and scatter-shots, is very limited for bigger sea battles.

Discover Pirate Hideouts


Pirates hide very well in Port Royale 3, but you can discover them easy.

Increase your nation reputation faster


It is not easy to increase your nation reputation in Port Royale 3.

Locations for Naval Battles, Shoales


With the introduction of shoals in Port Royale 3 you have to plan your naval battles.

Trade routes and Repairs


Port Royale 3 lacks a setting to control repairs for trade routes.

Why does my Nation Reputation suddenly drop


Every once a while you nation reputation in Port Royale 3 drops, without any effort on your part.

Increase reputation twice


An alliance between nations is not only negative für your nation reputation.

Increase Town Reputation fast


To acquire a building license in a town in Port Royale 3, you have to have a high reputation not only with the respective nation but also with the town itself.

Why does my Town Reputation not increase


From time to time your town reputation does not rise even though your are selling goods that available in the town.

From Sailors to Workers


Sometimes it is necessary to increase the amount of workers fast, this can be achieved by dismissing sailors in the town.

Keep the amount of large dockyards low


With 60 different towns Port Royale 3 is very extensive, only some of them have a large dockyard.

Construct your own hideout


Port Royale 2 offered the possibility to construct your own hideout as a mission reward.